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10 things you should know before dating a virgo

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When things are not efficient and orderly, a Virgo is terrified. You are a very lucky person if you ever get to date one. Even if they fall in love with you, they will definitely evaluate the future of your relationship before making it official. If a Virgo respects you and wants to court you, they will often start to pick out your flaws as well, for they love in a way that strives to make those they are with the best version of themselves. They have a way of seeing beauty in things no one else can. We're not going to judge, if you want to cry, scream yell or eat a pint of ice cream go ahead. Seriously it's one of our worst habits. They love what they do and are very passionate about their work. Although they are hopeless romantics, they look for practical proofs of it. Take our parents, for instance. Do you remember the friend who brought out the best in you? We like clean surroundings. Ask them if you need them and they will love being around to help you. Their idea of fun will be redecorating the house, with you, making you dinner and helping you out. We don't need someone to take care of us; we do that on our own and very well. Do you wonder why you should date a Virgo man?

10 things you should know before dating a virgo

We're extremely loyal; if you are important to us we'll show it. Virgo women thrive in relationships. When things are not efficient and orderly, a Virgo is terrified. You will often find Virgos as environmental activists. Apart from that, they are generous human beings with the ability to bring the best in people. Working on slowing down and thinking things through productively is something we have to work on. We will be there in a heartbeat, no questions asked. We do romance like no other, we leave you cute reminders that we care and you won't have to worry cause we'll always be there. Being wrong isn't something we will openly admit to being. They find closure in practical things, things that matter and make a difference. Not sure what's worse: Probably best not to watch those really emotional movies with a Virgo. If we declare you a friend whether we've talked in hours, days, weeks, months or years we're there if you need us. You call it OCD or a being a perfectionist we call it our own personal misery. Traditional methods of displaying love might fail you. Yes, a Virgo will always be there for you much like your parents, they will help you in sticky situations and may even lie to protect you. Since we're perfectionist and stubborn we tend to strive to be the best girlfriend we can be, whether it's a chill night of Netflix and cupcakes or a night on the town, your Virgo woman will never fail to amaze you. This is a big way to tell if they are fond of you. They would always treat me with respect. A Virgo will never ask or expect much of you, so remember to thank them for everything that they do for you. Talk to me Have you been with a Virgo? Do you remember the friend who brought out the best in you? I am not a Virgo but surprises definitely stress me out. They have second thoughts about everything, because they always weigh in the pros and cons before they take a decision. We want things to be organized, our rooms, our lives or plans or anything we do. We win the award for best listener. Both people are ambitious, hard-working, and somewhat conservative when it comes to their personal lives.

10 things you should know before dating a virgo

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