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Dating divas valentines day scavenger hunt

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You were each brought here by your lovely, adoring, beautiful, smart, sexy, and talented wives. Clue 2 Beautiful people pass through these doors, To seek an agent for acting and more, One of you should already have the key, Look for your clue where things are frosty… One of our friends on the date, is a talent agent, so she planted the clues at her office, knowing her husband had the key. Read the instructions included in the printable PDF to the group and send them off in search of the pieces. You are the first team to arrive. Some of the guys struggled with this one. Time to FALL in love again! We asked our friend to make them do something for them before giving them the clue. How cute are we? Clue 6 [local high school] High is the very next place, You would go to practice if you want to run a race. And he gave them the key to his mailbox and this clue. It was a fun evening, full of romance and tons of creative insanity! Just print and play!

Dating divas valentines day scavenger hunt

So what if they were just one big team! We were wearing coordinating t-shirts that said: If you want a picture to show up next to your comments, get set up with a gravatar! She had just finished culinary school! So many cute ideas here, I couldn't even begin to pick a favorite! All of the printables are included. With our free printables, the set up is quick-to-prep like, just print and cutbut will provide hours of fun! You must have completed all clues and the following tasks in order to win: This is what she gave them: Free printable I am a former theatre teacher who now stays at dating divas car treasure hunt with a handsome baby boy. In this Nighttime Scavenger Hunt, participants race to find pieces to a puzzle. Together we enjoy traveling the world, and, of course, going on creative dates! Acquire a bouquet of flowers for your wife, without spending any money Purchase a gift for your wife, using only the funds provided. This was the logo she came up with that was found through out, and every clue was packaged in a tear-open envelope, with this logo on the outside, just like in the TV show. Mary will tell you what you need to do, In order to get your very next clue. After a few failed attempts at getting real flowers, my crafty husband taught all of the guys how to make roses out of paper napkins, so they each showed up with a lovely bouquet of paper roses. Clue 1 Make your way with great speed, To the store you use when you need… To send a package in brown, From this south side of town. There are 12 total symbols for the group to find. Kristin met them at the door: Wish I had a better picture! It was a fun evening, full of romance and tons of creative insanity! You may begin the race at the sound of the whistle. Inside the mailbox they found: We had provided her with Scrapbook paper and supplies, as well as the next clue for when they had completed their task. You have completed the amazing Valentines Day Race! You can play this game in levels.

Dating divas valentines day scavenger hunt

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