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Dating old bottles jars

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Thanks to Greg Franklin for supplying info on this mark! I hope this list will be of assistance to those interested in antique bottles and other glass containers made in the United States and the history behind the factories that manufactured them. Thanks to Joel Ferguson for sending me this info! Seen on the base of chemical and acid jars and bottles, most of which probably date from the early period — to For the most part, I have not attempted to list fine distinctions for marks that are found both with and without periods. AB letters connected ………………….. Exact timeline for this mark is uncertain. Boldt marks can be found here. Most of the bottles carrying both of these marks were made at the former Berney-Bond glass plant at Clarion, PA, which became O-I plant number Anchor Glass Container Corporation. Most commonly, bottles with this mark seem to date from the s and s, but the mark was probably in use at least from around the start of the Civil War, perhaps a bit earlier. AG stylized letters forming an anchor ……..

Dating old bottles jars

This mark used since about These jars have been found in several colors including shades of aqua, green, citron and amber. Atlantic Bottle Company, Brackenridge, Pennsylvania c. It is certain they were made by more than one glassmaker. Both locations operated simultaneously for many years. The American Bottle Company was purchased by Owens Bottle Machine Company in with some of the plants being closed soon afterwards but the Streator and Newark plants continued to operate under the American Bottle Co. This bottle has been made in many, many colors since The mark appears on the base of certain liquor flasks, soda bottles and other types of containers. Chicago, Illinois office — ; Toledo, Ohio office — This mark used on some containers Seen on base of wax sealer fruit jar. Some numbers served as date codes, or as some other type of internal code used by the factory. Baltimore Glass Works, Baltimore, Maryland c. It has been displayed on their website. Very few Blenko glass articles were marked in the glass itself , but here is a page with more info. A W inside an oval………………………….. U D CO …………. ABGMCO produced huge quantities of beer bottles for Anheuser-Busch Brewing Association, but also beer bottles for other brewers and bottlers, as well as other types of containers including soda bottles and wax sealer style fruit jars. In , they joined the merger known as the United States Glass Company. Buck Glass was sold to Knox Glass, Inc. It has been increasingly more difficult to keep up with answering emails and posts concerning glass bottle markings and related information. Miller for info and photos of those logos shown here. Many different glass bottles and jars have been made, as well as packaging in other mediums such as ceramic, plastic, wood, metal, etc. A in a diamond……. This mark seen on base of handblown, tooled-lip clear or sun-colored amethyst prescription bottles probably dating c. Arcoroc…………………………Brand name used by Arc International, France, for their commercial-grade glassware. The maker is uncertain.

Dating old bottles jars

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