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Ideas for one year dating anniversary gifts

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Simply pour it in, give it a light shake, and he's set to sip. Though those are definitely on our list. Find out more at Harry's. With mysterious notes of wood blended with fresh notes of citrus, Bleu de Chanel is that kind of cologne that immediately becomes his signature scent for decades to come. Every month, Trunk Club curates a selection of clothing and accessories based on her personal taste. Perfect for the aspiring chef, she can grow a selection of herbs right from her kitchen window. Sleepy Jones Pajamas, prices vary, sleepyjones. Chronicle Books Letters to My Love: You've been saving it in your freezer, and now it's time to slice it up—with a fancy serving set. Plus, for the coolest party trick, this little guy can perform a full range of rolls and aerial stunts.

Ideas for one year dating anniversary gifts

Not only is a map a beautiful piece of wall art, it can serve as a timeline of your relationship, too. This handy little device will turn her home-brewed coffee into a fresh pot of coffee-shop quality cold brew in under sixty seconds. With a ft range and waterproof capabilities, this tracker is ready to take on whatever the day throws her way. Sprinkles Cupcakes, pricing depends on location, sprinkles. Products are sourced from high-quality industry leading brands, so you can be sure she's getting quality pieces. With a sleek vegetable tanned, full grain leather design, he can carry his valuables stylishly through whatever adventure lies ahead. Sleepy Jones Pajamas, prices vary, sleepyjones. It has been a year! Not only is this a lovely reminder of your wedding day, but of the promises you both made. Chronicle Books Letters to My Love: Not only are these beautiful in their simplicity, this paper anniversary gift will always be a conversation piece. But we've got your back — see our favorite one-year anniversary gifts for him. Whether she's padding around the house on the weekend or unwinding after a long day, this robe is sure to become one of her favorite items. Find out more at TrunkClub. The leather is enabled with RFID technology, so you can rest in peace knowing your cards and safe from thieves. For the couple with heart to spare, consider celebrating their love by donating to a cause that means a lot to them, be that endangered animals or finding a cure for cancer. We love that this one is engraved with the words "How Sweet It Is. Make every wedding anniversary an occasion with a special trip. Pair it with a recording of the song on vinyl because iTunes is great, but sometimes, you just want the physical thing. We're guessing there are at least a few on here you would have never thought of! And yet, we can all agree: In addition, this necklace has a secret romantic meaning — the beads spell out 'love' in Morse code. But man, are these little devices fun. Go for a more practical item, like a coffee machine or e-reader, that will bring her joy in her day-to-day life. The piece de resistance: Plus, the prints are so playful—there's even a dino option! Find out more at TrunkClub.

Ideas for one year dating anniversary gifts

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