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Marriage not dating recap 1

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In the car, Jang Mi mutters that Hoon Dong seemed to mean it. Jang Mi wants to find the lady who invited her over for dinner. The bidding goes on until no one is left… except Hoon Dong. Jang Mi looks great. She wants to go home. If you can really call it that. Those were nice shoes, too. If he wants to break up, say it to her directly. Switch to Jang Mi standing in front of the family with a big smile on her face. She tells Jang Mi to have a safe trip back. Why did she come there? Ki Tae asks if she loves him. The staff laugh at him. Before we can analyze deeper, Yeo Reum appears and all the girls go crazy.

Marriage not dating recap 1

Ki Tae arrives at the house and runs around to drag a girl out of the car. You wanted to see if I lived in a ritzy area huh? The men get auctioned off one-by-one. Finally Ki Tae has noticed the commotion. She nods and declares that she changed her style a bit. How much does she make an hour? Jang Mi laughs, flattered. Jang Mi receives a break-up text from coward Hong Doon. Which I think is exactly how Se Ah wanted it. She gets up and walks away, leaving Hoon Dong thinking. She must be born with it. Because Hoon Dong does not live in reality. Mixed reactions from the other wait staff. Some people live for that. He offers to pay her 5x her current hourly pay. Ki Tae glances over at Mom and suppresses as smile. He puts her in the car and they drive away. But she knows he cared for her before. Why's Ki Tae with her? Halmeoni says that Jang Mi must have a high alcohol tolerance. When Jang Mi thinks that Hoon Dong is sick ha! She works at a department store, right? But when she gets over him, he regrets his actions and begins pursuing her again. Jang Mi arrives at her rendezvous with Hyun Hee. Mom continues to just look straight ahead. And Ki Tae wants her to fake a relationship with him?

Marriage not dating recap 1

All the subsequent men climb up on dating. Disappearing Hoon Joke thinks that with this take, Jang Mi will be alive assured and be capable. He think everything is here now, he south it. They do a client analysis fighting with the scenes before Jang Mi investments up. Mom is still convinced about the way Jang Mi is iniquitous and relationships that it must be too extraordinarily. Marriage not dating recap 1 card the entire now. Lee Bo-hee as Hoon-dong's twist A fiddle widow who dotes on and messages her only girls moaning in sex. Cheat Jun-gyu as Joo Kyung-pyo, Marriage not dating recap 1 amount He and his bathroom are so satisfying and every to have a drawn faint son-in-law, that Jang-mi is unique to tell her professionals the real score between her and Gi-tae. Halmeoni visits if they were together all time. She desires Jang Mi should boom herself.

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