taylor & rich; married!

I feel so, so lucky to do what I do. And no one makes me feel more fortunate than Taylor, Rich & their families. The first time I met with Taylor, Rich & Taylor’s parents, I was on cloud nine. They were so incredibly sweet & gracious, and we just talked about life for over two hours. The time passed so quickly, and I felt like I had known all of them for years. I was anxiously awaiting their big day, because I knew it was going to be gorgeous and just so fun. They had such a great bridal party, which always makes the day go so much more relaxing for everyone. Taylor made such a stunning bride, and I am so envious of this girls style- every time I’ve seen her I’ve just wanted to steal her clothes. Their love is so, so evident and genuine and I just love it! I cannot wait to see them again soon, and hopefully get a peek at their new home!

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