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Why dating a short girl is the best

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In this article, we explore some amazing reasons to date a short girl. Also, shorter girls are less expensive to feed - they don't eat as much as taller girls - so the weekly trip to the shops won't be so expensive! If that's not enough for you to want to date a shorter girl, we don't know what will convince you! Another thing you will absolutely love is when she has to tiptoe to kiss you - it will make your heart melt. Not only will she be in the middle of all your party and family photos, she'll also be the center of your world! Plus if you two ever have kids, they will be genetically blessed! Maybe your kids will be short too! Sex Is Far More Satisfying This again is undeniable, especially going by the likes of opinions and preference of several men. You will never grow bored of reaching that high cabinet at home, or reaching grabbing something on a top shelf on a trip to the shops. Their body doesn't need too much food. Apart from not having a stiff neck or back from bending over all the time, it also gives us a longer life expectancy and we are less likely to develop cancer! You can dare to be a bit more adventurous in the bedroom wink wink , and try new positions!

Why dating a short girl is the best

They will love you with all their heart, because trust us - it's big! No more awkward questions like "Hmm.. It's adorable, and you will feel all manly and protective over her! They look younger than women their age, making them irresistible beyond words. Whatever said and done, they will love you with all their being, maybe more than you love them. Not only will she be in the middle of all your party and family photos, she'll also be the center of your world! Your favorite shirt will become a nightshirt on her. Well, at least we can provide some entertainment in the relationship You will stare in wonder whilst we debate about things you don't even dare to think about! What are the benefits of this? It shows you are super spontaneous and up for a laugh. Don't worry though - there's no risk of your girlfriend looking like your younger sister! Going by a popular belief for instance, short girls are often believed to be more lucky in comparison to girls who are relatively taller. Sex with a short girl is far more enjoyable and fulfilling. Perhaps more gracefully than originally thought. She will be able to sneak past people and get you to your destination faster. Also, if you want to mix things up, her being the big spoon is just the cutest thing. Shorter women have a lot more estrogen content in their bodies, making them more feminine than taller ladies, who have more testosterone. Reason 11 - Working Your Way Through Crowds Is So Much Easier If you two are lucky enough to travel to big cities, then she will be the one you will be following when you have to work your way through crowds. Let's face it, short girls can pretty much smash anything! Date nights won't be so cringey! You could be 6'6", but if your date is wearing heels and is now taller than you, it makes you look like a man-child It's probably best to do this before dinner though A short girl will always appear younger than her years. Their body doesn't need too much food.

Why dating a short girl is the best

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